Open Positions

Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome to apply to the Ph.D. program at Peking University in the School of Life Sciences (SLS), the Peking-Tsinghua joint Center for Life Sciences (CLS), and the Peking University-Tsinghua University-National Institute Biological Sciences (PTN) joint program.

​Graduate students who are interested in rotating in the Champer lab are invited to E-mail Jackson ( about the lab and research are welcome.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Motivated undergraduate students who are interested in joining the Champer lab for experimental or computational research should send their CV and transcript to Jackson ( Questions about the lab or the research are welcome. Flexible scheduling can be arranged to accommodate student classes.

Postdoctoral Positions
Applications for postdoctoral positions in the Champer lab will be considered. Lab members can be experimental or computational, though individuals interested in both areas of research are also welcome. The starting time for these positions is highly flexible, so interested applicants are encouraged to contact Jackson early (even over a year in advance).
Lab Overview
The main initial topic of the lab will be CRISPR gene drive. This type of allele can bias inheritance in its favor, potentially allowing it to spread throughout a population. There are many possible applications, such as spreading genes in mosquitoes that prevent transmission of malaria, dengue, and other diseases that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Gene drive can even be used for conservation purposes, such as suppression of invasive species. The lab will likely be pursuing additional related topics in the near future.
Initial goals of the lab will be:
1. To develop new types of gene drives using the fruit fly as a model organism.
2. To develop highly efficient gene drives that avoid “resistance” in mosquitoes.
3. To use computational modeling to assess how well gene drives will actually perform in real-world environments.
The general lab philosophy is to provide a friendly and supportive environment to help individuals be productive and achieve their career goals.
Application Requirements
Applicants should have a Ph.D. in biology or any other scientific or quantitative field.
Experimental postdocs should preferably have experience in molecular cloning and either fly or mosquito handling.
Computational postdocs should have a solid background in at least one programming language, such as Python, R, or C++, and preferably experience in population modeling with simulations.
All applicants should have adequate English skills.
Application Instructions
To apply for a position, please send your CV/resume and a cover letter (in English) to Jackson Champer ( Applicants with fellowships should mention this in their cover letter.
Optionally, applicants may send a short project proposal (which may be particularly important if applicants do not have experience in any of the stated areas above).
Additional Information
Questions about the lab and the positions are welcome (